Fundraising has never been easier!


  • Are you tired of working with a fundraising company that’s too big, too far away, and too impersonal?
  • Are you tired of low-quality fundraising items and even lower quality prizes?
  • Are you fearful of how time consuming a fundraiser might be?

Our variety of products that are available online eliminates the need for multiple catalogs, therefore streamlining your fundraising experience. And the Northwest Fundraising continues to be your full service LOCAL fundraising company, offering you profitable options as well as a supportive and knowledgeable team.

Managing a fundraiser is a lot of work, and nothing is worse than having all your time consumed with running a fundraiser that costs you more than you make. With Northwest Fundraising, you’ll never have to worry about the work of running a fundraiser again. Our experts handle everything and you get to feel great hosting a successful fundraiser (you can even take all the credit!).

The three easy steps to a successful fundraiser:

  1. Book a consultation
  2. We’ll get the details and take care of everything
  3. Sit back and enjoy your most profitable fundraiser ever

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