Schools, youth sports groups and parent organizations across the country have begun to take advantage of social media to help achieve their fundraising goals.  Social media is a quick and inexpensive way to reach large audiences of connected individuals.  Today a student can post a link to their on-line shopping cart on their Facebook page or their parents’ and it can be shared instantly with 100’s or even 1,000’s of people.

Creative uses of YouTube or other video based media sites have resulted in millions of dollars raised.  Suggest to your students or families create their own YouTube video message with a specific plea for support and a posting of your online shopping cart.  With this modern day tool, door-to-door selling is really a thing of the past.

When it comes to communicating information about a fundraiser, for example, when orders are due or when products can be picked up, updating your organization’s Facebook or Twitter account will ensure the message is instantly broadcast to the almost two-thirds of online Americans that use social media.

Make sure your organization is getting the most from social media when conducting their fundraiser.