Community Impact

Northwest Fundraising's deep roots in the region inspire meaningful contributions to the community it serves. Our community partners are organizations doing incredible work in ending the Washington State hunger crisis and, protecting and restoring the Pacific Northwest's wildlife and wildlands.

We encourage your kids to participate in giving back through good deeds! In our Step It Up Prize Program, your kids are encouraged to do a good deed at home, in their community, or at school, then turn in this coupon to receive a collectible!

We encourage good deeds as a valuable lesson in the importance of giving back to the community.


Conservation Northwest

The health of people and the health of the land are forever linked. Every 1,000 items sold helps to restore an acre of Northwest wildlands with Conservation Northwest, making it better habitat for amazing Northwest animals like elk, deer, lynx, Chinook salmon, and bears. This includes planting trees, restoring streams, removing old fences, and repairing damage when people use our public lands improperly. Visit Conservation Northwest via the button below. Contact us now to book your consultation and begin impacting your community!

Northwest Harvest

1 in 10 Washingtonians struggle with hunger. But Hunger Stops Here. We’re continuing our commitment to NW Harvest, donating 100 meals in your organization’s name every time your group sells 1,000 items. Visit Northwest Harvest via the button below. Contact us now to book your consultation and begin impacting your community!

Suggest A Cause!

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We're always looking for meaningful causes to support. It's bigger than fundraising, bigger than us. Contribute with impact!

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