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Join our team and see how easy fundraising can be! We put the 'fun' back into fundraising for students, parents, staff and YOU!

Prize Programs

Step it up!

Color Blast

Rocket to Success

Collectible Program

step-it-up-poster3It’s about daily recognition! Students love collecting these great items. Dinos, Foxes, Aliens, Hippos etc. can all be used to add extra promotion to your sale. They also go hand in hand with our Step It Up Character Education Program. See your representative for details.

Click here to download the STEP it up flyer


Limo Lunch

Qualifying students take a limousine ride to your favorite local restaurant for lunch. This is an event that will create lifelong memories and add LOTS of extra profit to your fundraiser!


Silly String Party

Qualifying students (or classrooms) have a free for all with silly string! Get a faculty or staff member to volunteer to “Get Silly Stringed” and have tons of fun!



Money Machine

Money-MachineQualifying students grab for cash in our inflatable money machine. We fill it with hundreds of real dollars, of every denomination up to $50 and students keep what they can grab.


Wheel of Fortune

Wheel-of-Fortune prize from Northwest FundraisingSet a goal and let students spin the Wheel of Fortune.  Everyone wins between $2 and $50.


Games 2 U

Have a Games 2 U or similar event at your school for those that qualify. You can arrange the event so that students play video games, human hamster balls, laser tag, or similar fun games in a supervised environment, then open the event up for additional time to your families as a second fundraiser or event for the rest of your school.



Being involved with NW Fundraising for a Fall Catalog Sale for the first time I was pleased at how organized and pleasant they were to work with.  Even whenRead more

Stepheny Schackman, Mt. Pilchuck PTA