Recently we were delighted to have a select group of students from Talbot Hill Elementary in Renton, WA visit Northwest Fundraising.

photo of Talbot Hill visit

These students participate in activities at Talbot Hill designed to give them real life experience and consumers, producers, tax payers and more.  The Inventory Control team came to learn how their fundraising company managed inventory, forecasted, processed orders and more.  Students were able to actually see an order go entirely through the system, from data entry, order processing, packing and finally the shipping of items as if it were one of their many fundraising orders that we process in the Fall.  Each student took on a part of the process and learned a great deal about what our business needs in the way of personnel, skills, information and cooperation from partners, suppliers and customers.  When we were done with the experience, everyone enjoyed a fresh baked Mrs. Fields cookie!  We hope to have another team visit again next school year.