Here are some ideas to keep in mind when fundraising at the workplace.

1.       Target your sales.

  • a.       Focus on interested colleagues and past supporters.
  • b.      Make in-person appeals only during work breaks and lunch hours.
  • c.       Remember too, the higher you are on the corporate ladder, the harder it is to keep the people who work for you from feeling pressure to make purchases.

2.       Let them come to you.

  • a.       Avoid office emails
  • b.      Place fundraising flyers in a high-traffic, central location like the break room or bulletin board
  • c.       Be creative…include a photo of your child

3.       Don’t forget to say thanks!

  • a.       Consider treating your supporters to donuts or cookies after your sale
  • b.      Let them know how much you were able to raise and how much the organization was too
  • c.       Have your child hand write a thank you note.