ONLINE ONLY Fundraising is here!! 

Northwest Fundraising is committed to keeping students, staff, and parents safe this fall season. We're excited to introduce the addition of our  ONLINE ONLY fundraising platform!


With our Online Only fundraising platform, you can enjoy benefits like a completely digital platform with ship to home options, no money counting or order form collection, real-time digital reports, and more.


Schedule a virtual consultation today to learn more about this platform and our other simple, successful, and profitable fundraising options.

The ONLY local fundraising company that handles every aspect of your fundraiser in house.

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  • Are you tired of working with a fundraising company that's too big? Too far away? Too Impersonal?


  • Don't want to outsource each aspect of fundraising (product, delivery, running the fundraiser, customer support)?


  • Are you done with low quality fundraising items and even lower quality prizes?


  • Are you fearful of how time-consuming a fundraiser can be?
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Running a fundraiser is A LOT of work. All of your time shouldn't be consumed with running a fundraiser that costs you more than you make. With Northwest Fundraising, you'll never have to worry about the work of running a fundraiser again. You'll keep your time, coast while the experts handle the work and feel great hosting a successful fundraiser.

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Run a Simple, Successful, and Profitable Fundraiser

1. Book a consultation


2.  We'll get to work on ALL the details


3. Run your most profitable fundraiser yet (without a sweat!)


Northwest Fundraising is What Fundraising Dreams Are Made Of

  • Flexibility- adjustable dates and terms, cancellation with NO penalty


  • We're local- expect a first-name basis with us


  • Everything is in-house


  • Impeccable safety measures (including a virtual kick off experience to comply with pandemic safety concerns
  • Reliable, professional customer service


  • Quality fundraising items, prizes, and affordable pricing


  • Online shopping- order additional items online, ship to home option, run an online-only fundraiser

We get it--- running a fundraiser is A LOT of work.

When you partner with Northwest Fundraising, you can make the work of running a fundraiser a thing of the past. Our fundraising service makes it easy to host a simple, yet profitable fundraiser. Book your consultation today and see for yourself how Northwest Fundraising truly cares about you and your fundraiser.

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We Can Do A Better Job.

This fundraiser will be the best one you've had to date. We'd love to tell you why. Fill out our contact page and we'll be in touch immediately to get your dream fundraiser started!