Local Means Something



It means we're here, in the state of Washington, at the foot of Mt Rainier in Enumclaw.


It means we are your neighbor.


It means our kids, grandkids, nieces, and nephews have gone to many of your schools and organizations.


It means a first name basis when you call us.


It means our entire team is right here handling all aspects of your fundraiser.


It means we can do a better job.


From Arlene, our packet prep extraordinaire, to Joel, our divine delivery driver, we're engaging groups with impactful fundraising that allows them to better navigate their world and community impact.


Northwest Fundraising is one of the strongest, most trusted local fundraising companies in Washington State. We take pride in being the ONLY local fundraising company that handles every aspect of your fundraiser in house.


We partner with schools, sports teams, choirs, theater groups, dance clubs, and anything in-between.


Together, we create a bigger impact in our local neighborhoods by giving back to our beautiful state. We're committed to ending the hunger crisis in Washington state with Northwest Harvest.


With our expertise, you can confidently put on a fundraiser that is simple, successful, and profitable.


We're good at what we do so you can be even better at what you do.

The Company Story


We envisioned a simple, well-organized method of raising large amounts of money with minimum volunteer requirements.

So, we got to work developing a simplified fundraising process for our customers.

June 1993 rolled around, and we started our company.

Our goal: better serve the fundraising needs of schools in the Pacific Northwest.

We've since evolved into masters of simple, profitable, proven fundraising programs and creative solutions to increase participation, working with a variety of organizations and groups.

See for yourself at our building in Enumclaw, WA with over 10,000 square feet of office/warehouse/freezer space. Another reason why local means something.

We're With You Every Step of the Way


Mary Chess


PHONE: (800) 779-1706
EMAIL: mary@nwfundraising.com


Hanna McLendon

Territory Manager

PHONE: (800) 779-1706
EMAIL: hanna@nwfundraising.com

David Proctor

General Sales Manager

PHONE: (253) 709-7121
EMAIL: david.proctor@nwfundraising.com


Whitney Humenik

Territory Manager

PHONE: (800) 779-1706
EMAIL: whitney@nwfundraising.com


Arlene Duvall

Warehouse Manager

PHONE: (800) 779-1706
EMAIL: admin@nwfundraising.com

We Can Do A Better Job.

This fundraiser will be the best one you've had to date. We'd love to tell you why. Fill out our contact page and we'll be in touch immediately to get your dream fundraiser started!