What Are The Benefits of Working With Northwest Fundraising?

We Listen

  • Attentive consultation with your group leaders


  • A plan to achieve your set goals and expectations¬†

We'll Get You Off to the Right Start

  • Get your group excited and motivated to participate with our company-led, fun kickoff assembly outlining incentives & how to be successful

Materials Are On Us

  • Ease running your fundraiser with our training guides
  • We take care of printing & assembling all take-home materials for your group

Ease of Online Shopping

  • Offer online shopping to gain support for your group from anywhere
  • Free Shipping on online orders shipped to the school

We're Here Every Step of the Way

  • Efficient processing
  • Timely delivery
  • Thorough delivery assistance
  • We're here for late orders, customer issues, planning for your next fundraiser, and more
  • The fundraiser may end, but our commitment to you doesn't!¬†

Talk with one of our sales reps TODAY about early signing bonuses and incentives. We'll customize a fundraising plan and special signing bonus fit for your organization!

We Can Do A Better Job.

This fundraiser will be the best one you've had to date. We'd love to tell you why. Fill out our contact page and we'll be in touch immediately to get your dream fundraiser started!