Our Northwest Fundraising Family Speaks

"I was very pleased with this fundraising program in it’s entirety. From the products available, to the pricing, to the competency of both our rep and the office personnel, to the ease and organization of delivery. Even the rewards program for the kids was loved by all-parents included! Our sales goal was even surpassed with ease!"

~Rebecca Carey, Saltars Point PTA & Parent

"Being involved with NW Fundraising for a Fall Catalog Sale for the first time I was pleased at how organized and pleasant they were to work with. Even when there was a scheduling error on our part the representative was understanding and flexible. He even took the time to help form a note to be sent out to the teachers after our assembly. They were involved in the seamless delivery of the products to the students. Lastly, I was grateful when they were willing to take back products of customers who’s payments didn’t clear. NW Fundraising is first class start to finish."

~Stepheny Schackman, Mt. Pilchuck PTA

"We have had the best experience working with NW Fundraising! Each year our school sells more products and earns more money. The staff are very organized and easy to work with. I have received the best customer service and I have recommended NW Fundraising to other schools and programs in our area. Thank you for always being timely and trustworthy. I can’t wait for next year!"

~Jen Kendall, Puget Sound Christian School Admin Assistant

"It was great working with a company that is so organized and made everything run seamless! They are amazing!!!!"

~Sara Lemieux, Sunrise Elementary, Kent, WA

"Thrilled is the word I would use. David was very accessible, their company and service very organized and the products are great (not to mention local which a number of people noticed and appreciated). We did the incentive program with the snowflakes last year and it was simple enough for me to do on my own. It also created a huge buzz and the kids loved it. I would also recommend the kickoff assembly because it educated the kids who, of course, drive the whole fundraiser."

"I honestly do not have anything negative to say. They prepared me for everything, including the product delivery day which went extremely smoothly and we met our financial goal of a net of $13,000, selling approximately $28,000 in items.

We signed with David for next year’s fundraiser already even though I won’t be the ways and means officer because of how confident I feel about Northwest."

~Marlene Grasser, Bear Creek Elementary PTA

More On Our Unmatched Customer Service

"Thank you so much! When we had picked up our original order, the slip said those two items were on back order. Thank you for fixing it and getting back to me so quickly."

Kayla S.



Thanks for getting the items sent off. They got sent home from the school on Tuesday.

Thanks again!"

Becky B.

"Hi Mikki,

Thank you for getting back to me so quickly. I appreciate your help!

Thank you"


"Hi Mikki,

Thanks so much! I thought I had received a notice that it shipped but nothing ever arrived. I appreciate your quick response and resolution!"

Samantha S.

"My brother and his family received their package last Thursday.  I appreciate you getting back to me in a timely manner and providing us with a time frame on when the package was due to arrive.

Great customer service!

Thank you"

Tina W.

"That's so awesome, thank you so much, as I said above, I donate all of these cookies to our local charities for the Christmas season and it just means a lot to me.

Again, thank you so much!"

Jaime W.


Thank you for the quick response and resolution. I really appreciate it. I’ll let the purchaser know that the item will be on its way soon!

Have a great Friday."

Kelli C.

"Thank you so much for the help and the quick response 😊"

Melissa G.

"A replacement would be great. Thank you. I really appreciate the quick response. Thank you again."

Mark C.

"Thank you very much for such a quick response and solution."

Megan S.

"Good Afternoon Mikki,

Thank for the clarification!

I'll standby for the refund credit to reflect on my credit card statement, and await the goodies I ordered.

If you don't hear from me, thank you again for all of your help."

June A.

"Really appreciate your prompt attention to this!  Thank you again!"

Charissa J.

"Hi Mikki,

Thank you for your prompt and courteous response with a satisfactory resolution.

You Rock!"

Joanne S.

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